Joshua is four years old. His speech is difficult to understand.  Even his grandmother said she doesn’t understand what he is saying. What can I do?
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 If a person’s speech is not clear, it may be due to the structure of the mouth, an inability to discriminate sounds in words, muscle tone or one of several other factors.  At Cornerstone Speech & Language, we evaluate articulation difficulties using standardized testing in a cheerful, friendly environment to determine the cause of unclear speech.  We then use specifically targeted effective techniques to help the person communicate clearly. We especially enjoy working with pre-school children.

For older children, we are excited to offer Smart Palate, a state-of-the-art technology to help a person see his or her own tongue movements when speaking, which is especially important if the client has difficulty feeling where the tongue is moving.  We also use research-based traditional therapy, when appropriate.

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