Professional Speaking

My boss encourages me to present at corporate meetings.  I’m terrified! How can I gain the skills I need to speak in front of an audience?

We all know how to speak, but few people know how to speak professionally.  Professional speech makes the difference between a great sales presentation and an ineffective one.  Professional speech helps you deliver a memorable toast at a wedding and a touching eulogy at a funeral.  Professional speech is more than just words: how you hold your body, how you modulate your voice, how you select topics for your intended audience all convey meaning.

 If you are preparing for an upcoming presentation, or if you just want to ensure that you are taken seriously at work, come in for a short series of lessons to improve your professional appearance and get the respect that you deserve!

Carol Krakower has been a public speaking coach for many years, including coaching school teams to national championships, President of the Toastmaster's, Shore Speakers and a speaking coach for TEDx Talks.  

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